Electromagnetic Contamination – Current Router

The debate on the impact of electromagnetic contamination on human health has been growing. It is even claimed that if electromagnetic emissions goes above a certain level, the risk of diseases is increased.

Electromagnetic contamination is created when an uneven load is on the main AC power cable from the supplier. In a TN system where the Neutral (N) and Earth (PE) conductors are combined at the consumer end, it has been a continuous problem that often only part of the current ( 30%) from the supplier is returned through the N wire. The rest, ( 70% ) is returned by the grounding system of the building.

When the load is uneven in electrical wiring it increases electromagnetic field around the conductor. The current flows in the direction of the lowest resistance and often flows through the metal pipes of heating- and water systems and the house grounding system. When that happens these straycurrents cause corrosion in water pipes (iron pipes) and even problems in computers and measuring equipment.

These problems have been difficult to resolve mainly because of the size of the equipment that is used in removing straycurrents, and substantial cost.


The Current Router

Rafal has designed and manufactured a unit named the "Current Router", which solves this problem. The Current Router is designed in such a way that all the current is directed back to the supplier through the N wire of the cable.

This is a unique solution that is small enough to fit into a standard electrical cabinet. There are two versions available; CR100 and CR400. The CR100 is designed for current up to 100 A and fits onto a standard DIN rail. The CR400 is for current from 100 to 400 A and is small enough to be placed at the bottom of cabinets.

It is essential that only qualified electricians install the Current Routers because of the danger involved working in an AC electrical environment.

Stray Current

The best way to detect if and how much stray current is in a system is by using a Clamp Meter that can measure the current expected.


The Current Routers CR100 and CR400 have been tested by Icelandic Authorities for Electrical Equipment and have a CE marking.